The silence is now louder than it seems, I cannot hold in anymore. Only if I can turn back the hand of time, I will correct many of my wrong didst.
let me fixe a question I always ask me self,,, have you been scard of what you don’t know and trying to find out?, have you ever think of what you will do next if what you wish for never yours. Life is a stranger
It has being a very difficult experience for you know what it take to have the heart from a woman. Some times I ask myself, Is’t a lust to fall in love or a sacrifice? When you know that tendency of getin it back is unknown.
I am highly sober to write this tonigh, I just have to do some thing to let what I feel go. I have no one to help me, encourage me,,, I am crying in the rain, if only some one can see me tears
I need to focus, I need to get it strength, I have little left on me oh God I need your strength.
I am confuse, my breath hurt me from the inside, I feel like my heart run from left to right looking for the resting place, if only I can help myself, to say what I feel, what I know and let the heart rest,





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