Sometimes life have given us the chance to do so many things, I have appropriated every chance given to me. One of those chances is what I want to write on, it may sound awkward to the ear and dirty to the eye but, you never know who watches you more and care for you more.
A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad, has a kind of heart just like her beauty no matter what she wear. because the beauty in her is in the deeper skin of her’s. Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely lied an egg Cackles as if she laid an asteroid. I wonder why I am written about you of all the friend I have around me. Well it is a free pen not me mope-lola.
Well I don’t know much about you mope-lola but I will prove you wrong. Please I hope you will not pick any offence after reading this, because I never told you I have observed much about you
You have a lot of grenade in you, sometimes I wonder; why did I choice grenade to classify you, because you are not easy to come to duo you look friendly but never be taken for granted
She is smart but look skimpy, very intelligent but look dull, beautiful but look ugly. Everything about her look ironical, I just wish mope-lola, will try to be real and don’t leave many with dougth about her. Truly I don’t have answers to why she choice this style of life but that what makes her a classical woman.
Her beauty is not just within her face nor her dressing, but what she do speak of her beauty.
Smartest is one word for her creativeness, for her choice of colour is just a bit of prove to how smart she is. An industrious woman is and independent woman, she is a miss independent. Cake baking, fashion, designing, and many others make her worth being close to, because she have many thing you can learn from. She is not just intelligent in academics alone but also how she talks and advise her friends, she advise like someone that have being existing since the time of plato. She is there cold washing her self grow, building an icon for many to follow, some day she will be great…writen about you is truly amazing.
everything she do is because she love doing it, her respect is all over her structure, her beauty is over her smile. If you dougth me look for mope-lola and see for your self…

By Kingsley
Also appropriating everyone. Please make your comment @ HAPPY READING




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