my friend

friend is one of the precious gift God have given to mankind. And I am not an inception to it. Some are inspirational while some are not. Sometimes I feel I need the both around me. No dougth it sound callous but I need someone that will make me look bad; while I need someone to make Me look good.
I have found a friend in you, someone I can keep my secret with and I can lay my bords on. Sometimes I keep skeptimising if what I think is worth it or am I just being paranoid over my illusion?, while no dought I have few friends around me. How I wish I can see a friend that will be close to my heart and will truly understand what it meant to be called a friend. Well both the good and the bad (friends) are still good to me so I regret none.
Missing a friend is like missing someone and missing someone is like missing your smile and missing your smile is like missing your own self.
I can never let any of my go away from me because I need them more than the way the need ME. I am always scard to lose you because I have everything when I am with you. I am sick when ever you are sick, I am happy when ever I see you smile, it is amazing when say I love you, just the way you are more than a friend to me.
Please don’t make me feel I am wrong making you who you are to me…

By Kingsley




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