Heart break

Written by Kingsley
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Being with no one is better than being with the wrong one, at some point in my life. I became aware that some people can stay in your but not in your life. For this reason I came out with (10)ten wost way to breakup with someone, I am not innocent bt I am innocent, let d count down begin from number 10
10: CHEATING=>cheating? Yes. This is common with our generation today and it will be a bit responsible, when you just quite and go for another, than having them many in your drawer. All good is hard, evil is easy, dying, losing, cheating and mediocrity is easy, stay away from easy. Someone who think the world is always cheating his is right, he is missing the wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something.
9; BREAKUP AT A SPECIAL PLACE=> special place is somewhere you can close your eye and see the picture of that place, and this reason will make is wost-off to breakup there, for heavens sack why that place with a lot of memory around it, let respect memory and history
8: AROUND THE FAMILY=> don’t make It a family affair, let the reason for the breakup not be because of the family, the person may be different from the rest of their kin. If that should be the reason, why fall the first time? That reason demoralize that person, making the person regret existing in the universe especially coming from that family,(crying*)
7: BREAKING UP THROUGH TEXT=> this may look as the easiest “right” this look like a heart attack, because the first feeling will be like ” how will I live this world without you”never slip date hate it that manner, well sometimes to keep those broken pieces of a glass in the boss is even better than to try to use the cracked glass.
6:BREAKUP THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORK=> this show the level of immaturity of that person, it is like opening something secret to the world, it hurt a lot and it will be better to keep save within and not in the open door
5: IN BED=> The wost kind of pain is when you smile only to stop the tears in your eye. Being in BED with someone you love not knowing the person is thinking of breakup and when he/she let the word go. That scenario is not worth it please every moment should be kept in the book of love.
4: WHEN THE BOTH OF YOU ARE ON VACATION.=> make ever moment a Reguviating one not a mournfull one, both of you need nice time in a nice place, and for that reason should be respected.
3: BREAKING UP AT THE WEDDING=> this is canibalious, is like eating the person both body, soul. everything. That moment is like the moon on earth so please the wedding sense is very bad ok.
I hope you are reasoning the way I am. For the next countdown will hurt a lot, imaging secrat moment turn to a wost ever moment. Let continue with number [2]
2: BY SAYING NOTHING AND DOING NOTHING=> imaging you coming back home expecting someone to hug you and say welcome, for you to meet an empty home, no note, no call, no reason, keeping you in a state of dougth. Even if the reason is stupid, do say it, because the person will be thinking, what went wrong. This very devastating I tell you.
1***: DON’T BREAKUP ON VALANTIN DAY.=>oh no! Even me written this feel the grief is this should happen to me,if this was to happen to me I will say” oh Kingsley is this VAL or he’ll”. Hey! that day is a day of of love, even saint VAlantin will personally throw you to hell, don’t even try to breakup special days like birthday, christmas, new year any special days please let respect them
If you are guilty of any of this please pray for forgiveness… “I’ve never minded it. I went on” being lost, that is. I had alway thought one could not truly be lost. If one knew one’s own heart, but I fear I may be lost without knowing yours, the best and most beautiful thing in the world can not Be seen nor touch, they are felt with the heart. Don’t hurt it, nurse it and keep it alive away




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