Policy according to the dictionary, involves making plan, following prudence or wisdom in the management of affairs. All for the sake of getting things done in an expedient, prudent manner.
Why does it seem that the policies surrounding our economy are so offer anything but prudent and expedient? I think, that in a society as vast and quick evolving as ours it’s tough for public policies to keep space. Another problem is the force at work that doesn’t alway take a terribly long complex view of the challenge at hand.
Example; a large-scare social economic problem present itself. Our policy makers spend years Soutting divergent opinion, trying to find solution which has the greater merit, not forgetting business jumping in and out shaping manufacturing and marketing a whole array of solution, seem as having the greatest market promise and fastest return or investment, as citizen and customers
The secret in policy making is that, the more problem the more the solution, along the way, the secret will provide some progress in the implementation not forgetting it may produce a hidden messes and unanticipated side effect than any of us find acceptable. Some policy are painful both to human and the nation at larg.
We point hand to the government saying they are clueless, ineffective, corrupted, representative and selfish, but great entrepreneur will say, is only out for itself and almighty buck and we the citizen will say, I ought to know better. Why are the citizen only wishing to know. why not inverse statement and say, I want to stand the challenge in improving the intellect and create a good energy in making policy, which can only be determine by the amount of energy employed to it, can these be possible.
Yes! It can be achieve, we can demand better policy from our government including the existing policy that encourage business and human welfare, ultimately, we must make our own “policies” we must define our plan, principles, couse and effect of action. Rather than depending on quick fixes and mass cures. That mean we must invest more in education because a strong fundamental lead to great society at large
I ask myself who am I to be intelligent, geogiuos and outstanding, I am not afraid to make policy but I am afraid of the impact it will make in the society, I PLEDGE TO BE A POLICY MAKER FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL MANKIND





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