Economics and sociology re both branches of social science, which have a close relationship. Economics deal with the economic activities of man. Economics is also the study of production, distribution and consumption to enhance human welfare for the betterment of social and economical development, which this cannot go far without the help of sociology and other sciences,
In the same vain economics is influence by sociology, without a social background the study of economics is quit impossible. Sociologist have laid solid foundation for economic theorys and laws to circulate in the environment of target, like, the division of labour, the concept of human behavior and property system etc. Economist are more and more making use of sociological concept in the study of economic problem. Reason because sociology studies the structure and function of social system, which economic is one of the important function of any social system. The concern of sociology is socializing individual and economist have use that medium to employ more ideology in the socialized individual, where the now create concept like. The concept of human behavior.
Economics and sociology are mutually helpful to each other, bear in mind that both have a close relationship to social activities. At the same time social relationship are also influence by economic activities. More point can be made to the relationship between Economics and Sociology where both have some common icons like. Max weber (1864), Warner Sombart (1863),Vifredo parato, J.Robert Oppenheimer (1904),Joseph Schumpeter (1883), these icons have explain economic change as an aspect of social change according to them, the study of economic would be incomplete without understanding the human society, therefore economic system is embedded in the social structure, that is why I may be force to say that ” economics must be made the housemaid of sociology” reason because economics serve for the welfare of society and society is maintain my sociologist not economist.
Further, there are certain socio-economic problem of great important to the study of both economist and sociologist, which are problem of poverty eradication, unemployment, industrialization development etc, have both economic and sociological implication,
Controversies have raising focusing whether Economics is better than Sociology,but let not forget that both are important to human welfare,
By kings




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