strike action in nigeria

nigerian government have been busy talking about measures in place to make her economy like that of South Africa and become the biggest economy by 2015, her neglet of the education sector will make that goal a very difficult one to achieve. During the obasanjo era, there was a devastating strike embarked upon by the academic staff union of universities and now it is jonathan’s turn to face another strike in which the contentious issue seem to be irresolvable because the two party involved have refuse to come to a compromise. Many aspect of the economy is affected by this strike action amongst which are the eco-environment factor and the social factor.
The eco-environment aspect of the economy is affected by this incessant strike, in the sense that in all the location where this universities are located, there is a drop in their economic activities. For example,assuming a cyclist,(okada rider) called lanre, whose total revenue is £20 everyday during academic activities in a university environment, now that there is no academic activities going on anymore. That mean that lanre is missing £20 in a day, £140 in a week and £560 in a month( all things being equal) if there are 200 cyclist just like in that Environment, that means the economic activities in that environment have depreciated by £112,000 which is really bad for the economy like that of nigeria, this assumption is base on one occupation, but we all knw very well that there is more than one occupation in lanre’s environment. Please note that the £ represent nigeria naire. Taking it to the macro view, were there are about 61 university affected,that mean more effect in the economy. It is,therefore,clear that the current ASUU strike will have negative effect on our industry and from there our gross domestic product (GDP) will depreciate. If this is happening, I wonder if the 2015 goal will be achive.
The social factor is affected because social activities that are synonymous with universities have been faced to a halt, and the reverse of what is obtainable in such institution is now the order of the day such as prostitution,internet fraud and so many criminal things.
It will be more sensible if ASUU will use other medium to get their demand aside toying with students’ welfare since the disagreement is between ASUU and the federal government and not with the student. I will state it clear that, any nation that does not have a standard education sector,the economy of such a nation is as good as a folded economy,and a black future to the natio.
The only way to resolve these issue is for the two parties to reach to an agreement for the betterment of the nation and the economy.This country is blessed with natural and human resources, which can can be fully utilized only and when the education sector is in good shape, to enable youth empowerment.
By Kingsley julius




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