why I am an economist is a question I ask myself many times without giving myself the right answer. Sometimes I wonder why I took that path, and so I wokeup one day and found myself with great passion for economics, as a career and as a world on its own, then I became more interested in economics per se: I wanted to be a lawyer, so as to knw my fundamental human right, legitimacy and laws guiding human existence in the society but funny enough I never became that,but rather it was the path of economic I took.but the story beneath is something I will reveal.
The question beneath my passionate feeling for economics,can only be trace,far back when I was still in secondry school, when I read my first biography of a great philosopher,economist and a model. ADAM SMITH, born 5, june, 1723 in scottish, he was a political philosopher,ethics and an economist. What attracted me to this legend is his life style, his impart in the world of economics, using his classical economics model(his development in free market, division of labour and the invisible hand).ADAM SMITH was also influence by legend like, ARISTOTLE, BUTLER, CANTILLON, just to mention a few of them. Just as ADAM SMITH was motivated by someone so also, he motivated me. ADAM SMITH planted a seed of economics into me which cannot only be stated by word but by practicing it as a profession.
Now, if were to ask, why is some country develop more than other country. This question weaken me, so I was willing to get an answer to that question, then using research into the economy of the world, then I discover the significant difference between country, with aid form one of his book by ADAM SMITH title “AN INQUIRE INTO THE NATURE AND CAUSE OF THE WEALTH OF NATION”.(generally known as the wealth of the nation)first publish in 1776. The book offer me and the world its first collected descriptions of what building nation’s wealth and today a fundamental work in classical economic, thought reflection over the economic at the beginning of industrial revelation. His book was also wild by reflecting on other part of economy, like free market, division of labour and the invisible hand. Imaging how knowledge have change the global economy down to the state , building it from strength to strength. ADAM SMITH is my mentor because with this work of his, I am eger to make my name know in the economy. Know in my country, so I wonder why can’t I change the economy of my country? since ADAM SMITH have don it, so also I can DO IT. which that is my goal, my desire as a young economist.
These are few reason for my passion for economics, it is a challenge to we the youth of this great country, to see what is beneath our country economy and stand up and not to fall, to build a strong economy for our great country,for me pelage to be a soldier of economics,and fight for the benefit of great economy to impart profitable laws, theory which can stand with the hands of time.
I will end this note by tanking ADAM SMITH ,for his teaching which have imparted something into me. Not forgetting my good friend, Abdullahi Kure, he is a machine of inspiration to me and many, finally to mrs Norah, she is a living inspiration to me.
I will state it clear that, it took me many year to discover my potential but took me a step to be who I am today… I love economics.


why I am an economist


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