Why I miss here

Is being a while I miss here..
     I miss the Nigerian economy being the boss to other African economy



The silence is now louder than it seems, I cannot hold in anymore. Only if I can turn back the hand of time, I will correct many of my wrong didst.
let me fixe a question I always ask me self,,, have you been scard of what you don’t know and trying to find out?, have you ever think of what you will do next if what you wish for never yours. Life is a stranger
It has being a very difficult experience for me.do you know what it take to have the heart from a woman. Some times I ask myself, Is’t a lust to fall in love or a sacrifice? When you know that tendency of getin it back is unknown.
I am highly sober to write this tonigh, I just have to do some thing to let what I feel go. I have no one to help me, encourage me,,, I am crying in the rain, if only some one can see me tears
I need to focus, I need to get it strength, I have little left on me oh God I need your strength.
I am confuse, my breath hurt me from the inside, I feel like my heart run from left to right looking for the resting place, if only I can help myself, to say what I feel, what I know and let the heart rest,



open letter

To you ‘G’ I wounder how great it has being since i met you. It has being a motivational experience, this what i have to say,i hope you will understand,
i know we are not together…. There is something you must always remenber, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smater than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we are not ment to be; i’ll always be with you. I have gain strength, courage and confident by every experience i fear to face ever since i ment you, i can now say to myself ” I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that come along; “LAD” you can do the thing you think you cannot do.
Remenber that wherever your heart is, there you find your treasure.
Men often become what he believes himself to be. If i keep on saying to myself that i cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that i may end by really becoming incapable of doing it, on the contrary, if i have the believe that i can do it; i shall acquire the capcity to do it even if i may not have it at the begining “YS”

by Kingsley
to you ,,,,,
happy to know YOU


secret TEARS

I read an article this week about betty who ignored an elderly hit-and-run victim. I was
ready to move on to another article when
it occurred to me – the betty weren’t the only ones who were chillingly unresponsive. I had read this article without responding emotionally. I had felt no sadness for a world where people show so little compassion. On closer inspection, I realized the article had triggered emotions, but I automatically shut them down so quickly that I hadn’t noticed they were there. A week before, I wouldn’t have thought about my non-reaction. This week I did. That’s because my friend Augustine let me in on a secret that has me looking at everything differently. So I paused and allowed myself to experience the emotions this article evoked. I felt my eyes mist over. I wasn’t so chillingly unresponsive after all. I’ll share Augustine secret with you, but first, I want to talk with you about tears: my tears, your tears, other people’s tears and the attitudes we have toward them.As a child, I occasionally found my mother weeping on her bed. When she realized I was there, she acted affronted and found reasons to be angry with me. I felt as if I
had caught her in some kind of a shameful act. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me she cried because it was a healthy thing to do. She invited me to join her, and we would “cry together for no reason.” I’m sure my experience was more common. After all, people respond to tears by saying, “don’t cry.” It’s a culture of dryness. Ah…crying is the secret. Crying? That was not the answer I expected. I was confess, I wondered if I was being flip. But Augustine is not one to say things lightly. So I let his words sink in. As they did, I realized how golden his words were. I had asked a simple question and he gave me an answer that was so simple I almost missed its importance. But it never did, if only one will understand the true reason for Once’s tears, then you will close the dam,
Personally I don’t cry form the outside, but my heart cry every day, for those that deserve it,, ( the one I now care for), I so much feel I am crying in the rain, please take me out from the rain,,, my tears goes for you, the unknown one

written by Kingsley

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Why do people drink alcohol?
Hundreds of studies have shown that alcohol have destructive short term and long term effects yet some people drink excessively without minding any of these harmful effects.
If you made a survey to know why people drink then most likley you will come up with some reasons that seem logical but upon knowing a bit more about psychology you will discover that most people aren’t actually awareof the real reason that forces them to drink.
A person might believe that he is drinking because of one reason while in reality he would be doing it for a complete different reason that he is not aware of. In this article i will explore with you some of these unconscious reasons that motivate peopleto drink even after they know that alcohol can be deadly.
Why do people drink alcohol
1) Mood regulation:For the first instance mood regulation might not sound like a bad idea. After all if someone can drink to improve his moodthen why not do it? In fact if you need mood regulation then there must be something completely wrong with your mood. In such a case you are using alcohol to escape from the state you barley tolerate to a state that makes you feel better. Some people drink to have more courageto approach others, do you know what does this really mean? It means that they are cowards who just need anything to help them become brave. The problem in such a case is not with alcohol itself but its with the horrible state those people are in when they are sober
*.2) To let others see them differently:The Tomboywho hates the fact that men are more likley to take risks might start drinking just to prove to the world that she can be as careless as a man. The guy who desperately wants to appeal to women might start drinking to seem more like a bad boy(the typical type of man who attracts women). This guy isn’t aware of the fact that Alcohol reduces testosterone productionand makes him more of a feminine man than a bad boy. In other words, many people drink to create a new identity and to force others to see them in a new way
*.3) To prove something & protect their beliefs:Some people drink to prove something to themselves or to the world. Some people might want to appear happierin the presence of others, Some might want to appear more social while a third group might want to prove that alcohol is actually a good thing. An atheist might start drinking just to prove to the world that drinking is a good thing or in other words, he just wants to prove that religions are wrong. Many people get involved in bad habitsjust to prove something to themselves or to others while believing that they are doing them for completely different reasons
I hope you find a better option than drinking, find your solution within your self and save the bottles,,

julius… if you like, call me Kingsley

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Sometimes life have given us the chance to do so many things, I have appropriated every chance given to me. One of those chances is what I want to write on, it may sound awkward to the ear and dirty to the eye but, you never know who watches you more and care for you more.
A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad, has a kind of heart just like her beauty no matter what she wear. because the beauty in her is in the deeper skin of her’s. Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely lied an egg Cackles as if she laid an asteroid. I wonder why I am written about you of all the friend I have around me. Well it is a free pen not me mope-lola.
Well I don’t know much about you mope-lola but I will prove you wrong. Please I hope you will not pick any offence after reading this, because I never told you I have observed much about you
You have a lot of grenade in you, sometimes I wonder; why did I choice grenade to classify you, because you are not easy to come to duo you look friendly but never be taken for granted
She is smart but look skimpy, very intelligent but look dull, beautiful but look ugly. Everything about her look ironical, I just wish mope-lola, will try to be real and don’t leave many with dougth about her. Truly I don’t have answers to why she choice this style of life but that what makes her a classical woman.
Her beauty is not just within her face nor her dressing, but what she do speak of her beauty.
Smartest is one word for her creativeness, for her choice of colour is just a bit of prove to how smart she is. An industrious woman is and independent woman, she is a miss independent. Cake baking, fashion, designing, and many others make her worth being close to, because she have many thing you can learn from. She is not just intelligent in academics alone but also how she talks and advise her friends, she advise like someone that have being existing since the time of plato. She is there cold washing her self grow, building an icon for many to follow, some day she will be great…writen about you is truly amazing.
everything she do is because she love doing it, her respect is all over her structure, her beauty is over her smile. If you dougth me look for mope-lola and see for your self…

By Kingsley
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